Greek mythology
about the Olive Tree

The olive tree was the holy tree of the city of Athens. According to mythology, Athena’s god offers the olive tree, a symbol of fertility, as a gift to Athenians.
Against her was Poseidon’s god offer a spring (water). So there was a contest between them who would give the name to the city of Athens.

Olive tree in Acropolis

The Starting Point
of Elian

The Elian story starts In the summer of 2015. 3 childhood friends Panagiotis, Nikos, and Yiannis had an inspiration, to create a unique gift. The idea was raised when they saw the favor, on the wedding of their friend Panagioti. This favor was an olive tree. Nikos and Yiannis were thrilled with the wedding favor and suggested to Panagiotis to flourish this idea.


The Creation of a
Unique Gift


This is how Elian was incepted. The desire of 3 friends to create a gift that will highlight Greece and the Greek culture in all the widths and lengths of earth. Starting the journey of creation, Elian Gift was born. A unique gift with a timeless value. Elian’s heart, the olive tree – a symbol of the Greeks for peace, wisdom, fertility, prosperity, and victory.



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