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Olive Oil Bottle rectangle shape

Olive Oil Bottle rectangle shape

3.50 VAT 24% included

This Olive Oil Bottle rectangle shape has a sleek design. A bottle with a protective cover is the best choice to send someone as a gift. Furthermore, this transparent olive oil bottle provokes a sophisticated and decent look.

  • This Olive Oil Bottle rectangle design is perfect for those who want a healthy life.
  • The olive oil will give you complete protection against heart diseases and stroke.
  • This olive oil bottle has a good base to easily place on any surface.
  • The Olive Oil Bottle rectangle shape is 106ml and it is sold exactly as it is in the photos.
  • Extra Virgin olive oil with a very low acidity of <0.30.
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Elian Olive Tree Gift

Elian Olive Tree Gift

7.99 VAT 24% included

This beautiful Elian Olive Tree Gift will bring back peacefulness and serenity in your loved one’s life. This means you can gift this tree to your loved ones and show your contentment towards them. Moreover, this Elian olive tree looks good in any type of environment.

The Elian Olive Tree indicates the recovery of all things; it represents the symbol of "Peace in The World." The elegant and natural color makes it for a timeless seasonal gift. An ideal foremost olive tree gift for everyone.

  • This Elian olive tree gift is not only beautiful but also beneficial.
  • The Elian tree gift has sacred Greek mythology.
  • The tree is considered the best gift for your family, friends, customers, etc.
  • This Beautiful Elian Olive Tree Gift also plays its role in decorating the house.
  • You can overwhelm your loved ones by sending this olive tree gift.
  • This olive plant has unlimited benefits for humans and categorically, for all species.
  • This product can be customized according to your wish.
  • The plant comes with personal health certificate that is required by the laws of Greece and EU
  • It can travel all over the world.
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Sample of Elian olives tube vase product 3


4.00 VAT 24% included

Do you want to enjoy a Healthy and energetic Life then our olives are the perfect choice for you. We are here to provide you a considerable dose of antioxidants in the form of these olives.

Moreover, we are known for the quality deliverable so you don’t need to worry about the packaging stuff. As a careful brand, it’s always our main goal to provide you the pure and of our products. For this, the olives are packed in a protective jar which will provide you original and preserved products.

  • The olives will be delivered with protection and safety.
  • These Olives are rich in antioxidants and a good source of vitamin E.
  • These olives are best to save you from multiple diseases.
  • Product weight is 200gr and it is sold exactly as it is in the photos.
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Elian Olive Tree Gift
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Olive Tree Gift

Anyone who receives this different and unique gift from Greece will remember you forever!

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Small Wooden Box

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Greek Statues of Gods

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Small Olive Oil Bottles

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